PEMF - Frequency Matters

PEMF - Frequency Matters

In our research on the benefits of PEMF therapy, one thing became incredibly clear: the frequency used is extremely important for what effect you are trying to create within your body.

Now, there is a lot of crossover and wide ranges of frequencies for some of the benefits listed. You also will see some clear patterns where many studies have reproduced the same results at the same frequencies.

It is important to note that the table below is NOT an exhaustive list of all of the PEMF therapy studies available, nor is it meant to be an instruction manual on how to use PEMF therapy. It is merely an informational tool.

PEMF Studies - Target Application, Frequency and Power

PEMF therapy studies table showing frequencies for different benefits

OmniPEMF Devices

Man relaxing with the Omni PEMF therapy deviceThe PEMF therapy devices that we carry from OmniPEMF conveniently have these frequency settings all taken care of for you. Just select what you would like to use the device for and begin enjoying.

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PEMF Research

We value scientific research very highly and work to understand the core science of each of our technologies. Visit our research page to learn more.

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