Walking Studies/Research

Walking Studies/Research

As with all of our technologies, we research the underlying science behind the benefits that it provides. Walking with our folding treadmills is no exception.

Walking is commonly understood to be incredibly healthy, and many experts offer a minimum daily step count in order to maintain a certain level of health. But do you know the science behind all of it and why it is so good for you?

We reviewed the studies below to find out exactly what happens to the body, and why, when you walk and increase your level of physical activity.

Walking & Physical Activity Studies

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Convenient Cardio At Home

Walking or running has never been so easy with portable, folding treadmills. These are a great option for those who are busy or just want an easy way to increase their activity levels and consistency.

Your Experts in Home Wellness Technology

We all face limits with our bodies and our abilities. At High Tech Healing, we research and find home wellness tools that help you conquer your fitness and health.

Walking Research

Did you know that walking is just as effective as meditation and quiet rest at improving your mood? Visit our research page to learn more.

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