What is Whole Body Cryotherapy?

What is Whole Body Cryotherapy?

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Whole Body Cryotherapy – An Introduction
Whole-body cryotherapy is becoming an increasingly popular phenomenon across the United States. Often, wellness centers that provide cryotherapy services explain what the benefits are, without any additional information as to how it works or if there is any evidence to back up these claims.
We dug hard into the research to discover the truth about cryotherapy, its benefits, and mechanisms of action inside the body. After our diligent research, and mixed with personal experience, we have concluded that cryotherapy is an incredible tool to improve the health and wellness of individuals.
How Does Whole Body Cryotherapy Work?
Cryotherapy chambers operate on the foundation of extreme cold temperatures. Depending on the machine and the settings used, temperatures range from -150F to -294F. Depending again on the machine being used, this can be achieved by using liquid nitrogen, or electricity to cool air down. The treatment involves the participant entering the unit and their body being engulfed by cold nitrogen or air. Sessions last around 3 minutes.
What Does it Do to the Body?
The intense cold temperatures elicit a hormetic response from the body, meaning simply that the body responds to the cold as a stressor and compensates [1]. The positive is that the adaptive response overcompensates, providing the many benefits discussed here.
Physiological Benefits List
Reduced Inflammation - Cytokines
Increased Energy – Norepinephrine
Increased Testosterone
Oxidative Stress & Free Radical Reduction
Post Workout Recovery
Pain Reduction
Anxiety & Depression
Chronic Disease Relief
Improved Athletic Performance
Improve Sleep


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Note: Information contained within this website and in all materials, communications, or presentations by High Tech Healing is for informative purposes only. Localized cryotherapy machines are neither designed nor advised for the treatment or cure of any illness or disease. No cryotherapy machine has been tested or approved by the FDA. Please consult with your medical professional before beginning any cryotherapy or recovery method. 


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If your business or institution is considering purchasing a whole body cryotherapy machine, please reach out to our team to understand how we can help you make the right decision.