Biofeedback Smartwatch: Garmin Forerunner 965


The Premiere Garmin Running Watch from the Forerunner Series

A powerful recovery and training management tool for runners.

Valuable Insights - Performance Tracking - Ideal Recovery Time - Plan Your Runs

Are you effectively managing your training?

Balancing recovery, intensity, training types and more to maximize your fitness progress is challenging. Without the help of technology, it is impossible to accurately track all of it.

Garmin technology places the power of insightful data into your hands with their Firstbeat analytics.

Forerunner Biofeedback Feature Highlights

See some of the Garmin Forerunner 965 features that can help you train more efficiently.

Core Biofeedback Measurement

Heart Rate

This is a true measurement from a sensor and is the core data for all information provided by Garmin watches.

It is incredible how much information can be derived from simply measuring your heart rate. This is analyzed in incredibly complex ways to give meaningful and surprisingly accurate insight into what is happening with your body.

Core Fitness & Performance Metrics

These are core metrics which are widely used in the field of fitness and athletics to measure performance, fitness level, and general health. You will have access to all of this information with the Garmin Forerunner 965. These are also used as part of the Deep Analytics metrics.

HRV (heart rate variability)

HRV is a powerful tool to determine the strain on your body due to training or other sources of stress.

Lactate Threshold (Anaerobic Threshold)

This is the cornerstone indicator of endurance capability, as it is the level at which you begin to rapidly experience muscle fatigue.

VO2 Max

Your VO2 max is your personal cardiorespiratory / aerobic fitness level and the second cornerstone indicator of endurance and performance capability. The largest amount of oxygen your body can consume and use in any period.

Sleep Score

Sleep is a vital piece of your health and fitness. It can have a large impact on performance and recovery.

Stress Score

Stress, like sleep, can have a large impact on performance and recovery. Both from training and life.


The short period of time after exercise when your body is returning to rest. A good indicator of the level of strain your body experienced from a run.

Anaerobic Training

Training when your body is in an anaerobic state, or training above the level of VO2 max.

Aerobic Training

Training when your body is in an aerobic state, or training at or below the level of VO2 max.

Deep Analytics

These metrics help to answer questions about how you are managing your training and how your body is responding. This information is critical to making efficient training plans and decisions.

Training Load 

What level of strain is my body experiencing due to training?

Training Load Focus

What type of training have I been doing? The 3 categories are Anaerobic, High Intensity Aerobic, Low intensity Aerobic.

Training Status

How am I managing my training? Possible Training States:

Peaking, Productive, Maintaining, Strained, Unproductive, Overreaching, Recovery, Detraining

Training Effect

What impact is my training having on my progress? How much am I improving?

Sleep History

How has my sleep quality been recently?

Stress History

How are my recent stress levels?

HRV Status

How is the stress from training affecting my body?

Heat and Altitude Acclimation

How is my body adapting to heat and altitude conditions?

Suggestive / Predictive Insights

These metrics indicate how you might perform, or what you should do to best maximize fitness, based on the Core and Deep Analytic metrics.

The most powerful part of the Forerunner suite of features.

Recovery Time

How long should I let my body recover?

Personalized Daily Suggested Workouts

What type of training should I be doing today?

Training Readiness

How ready is my body? Am I in a peak or low state?

Real-time Stamina

How much does my body have left right now? Dynamic metric while running.

Performance Condition

How well can my body currently perform? Dynamic metric while running.

Race Time Prediction

How might I be able to perform today? How should I pace myself?

*Our products are tools, meant to empower you on your fitness and wellness journey. They are not designed, intended, or able to treat or cure any disease or condition. See our Wellness Device Disclosure for more information.

What should your pace be and are you maintaining it well?

During training or a race, determining the right pace is critical for endurance and getting the most out of your performance.

Enjoy the benefits of Garmin features such as Lactate Threshold, Race Time Prediction, Real-time Stamina, Performance Condition.

Plan and analyze your runs like never before.

What pace is too much? How do you plan your run route? How did your last training session go?

Garmin answers all of these questions for you with the Forerunner series. Personalized Daily Workout Suggestions, Training Readiness, Round-Trip Route Planning and more.

Garmin's Premiere Forerunner

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Garmin Forerunner® 965

With an impressive AMOLED display that helps you manage your training.

A titanium bezel, for speed and durability.

Sharp images with nearly 3x the pixel density of the Forerunner 955.

An impressive AMOLED display that helps you manage your training.

A titanium bezel, for speed and durability.

Sharp images with nearly 3x the pixel density of the Forerunner 955.

We've reviewed all the Garmin features and made them simple to understand.

The Garmin Forerunner watches offer incredibly powerful tools for completely changing the way you train.

For those who want a deeper look. See all the features, and what they tell you about your fitness and training.