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Improved Sleep, Energy & Mood

Improved Sleep

Sleep is a critical aspect of our health, and issues here can affect everything from our mood, energy levels, appetite, weight gain/loss, focus, productivity, anxiety and more.

How can PEMF Therapy help?

  • Brainwave entrainment to guide brain to more restful states
  • Decrease time to fall asleep
  • Experience deeper states of sleep

  • Longer periods of deep sleep

  • Sleep more in the same or less time

  • Less time waking during the night

Pain & Inflammation

Pain Reduction

Millions of people experience challenges with pain. Everything from chronic pain to muscle soreness after working out, or acute pain from injuries. When we experience pain, seeking relief can be at the top of our minds.

How can PEMF Therapy help?

  • Produce a mild analgesic effect, reducing perceived pain or increasing pain tolerance
  • Reduced inflammation can also help to reduce pain

  • Research has shown Red Light to be effective against many types of pain, both chronic and acute

Only suitable for temporary, mild pain relief. Not recommended for pain or conditions requiring regular medication. See our Wellness Device Disclosure for more information.


Inflammation can be a large component of pain and other conditions, finding ways to reduce it can be extremely beneficial.

How can PEMF Therapy help?

  • Reduce overall inflammatory response
  • Reduce inflammatory cytokine levels
  • Increase anti-inflammatory cytokine levels

Bone Growth

A major bone break or even a minor fracture can set you back significantly in your goals and make life incredibly difficult. What if there was a tool that could accelerate things?

PEMF Therapy has been used since the 1970's as an FDA approved tool to accelerate bone growth and recovery.

How can PEMF Therapy help?

  • Help in the formation of new blood vessels, critical to the bone formation process
  • Reduce inflammatory response which can accelerate recovery

  • Stimulate osteoblasts, bone formation cells

Relaxation & Mediation

It can be difficult to relax after a long and stressful day. Getting deep into meditation can be hard with an active mind. What if there was a tool to help?

How can PEMF Therapy help?

  • Help you relax instantly, before bed or whenever
  • Reach deeper states of meditation more quickly and for longer
  • Introduce calming magnetic fields to the brain
  • Through brainwave entrainment, guide toward Alpha and Theta states

  • 6 different Meditation programs available in the app, plus option to customize

*Our products are tools, meant to empower you on your fitness and wellness journey. They are not designed, intended, or able to treat or cure and disease or condition. See our Wellness Device Disclosure for more information.

PEMF Therapy Devices

Rest easy with a tool to calm your mind.

PEMF Therapy can equip you to deal with a busy and active mind, and make stress relief, relaxation, and sleep one less thing you have to worry about.

Product Details

NeoRhythm PEMF Band

(Portable, Targeted, Versatile)

Goodbye PEMF matts, hello NeoRhythm.

Experience the latest in home PEMF therapy with the NeoRhythm device.

The NeoRhythm PEMF at home device takes this technology portable and versatile like never before. It is wireless, and incredibly lightweight.

NeoRhythm PEMF Pillow

(Semi-Portable, Specific Use Cases)

NeoRhythm Pillow

Give the gift of more sleep.

NeoRhythm brings the best of pemf therapy devices right to your home. Ideal for use in a chair or car for back or neck pain, or as a pillow to improve sleep. 

Try it out today and experience the power of PEMF therapy in the comfort of your own home.

Support Wraps

(For the NeoRhythm PEMF Band)

The support wraps allow you to go fully mobile or simply hold the device in place better. These are available as an add-on.

How & When to Use / FAQ

What is PEMF Therapy?

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) Therapy involves the use of electromagnets to generate a magnetic field which is then directed at the body. 

This magnetic field is absorbed by the cells of the body and converted into electrical signals, triggering a number of secondary processes. 

What is Brainwave Entrainment?

Brainwave Entrainment

The human brain produces its own natural electromagnetic (EM) waves at various frequencies. Brainwave entrainment is an adaptive response of the brain, adjusting these natural EM waves to external signals.

The electromagnetic waves of PEMF make use of this natural behavior, providing external EM waves to gently guide the brain.

How Do The Products Work?

These PEMF Therapy devices are ready to go out of the box. You simply need to plug it in for an initial charge, then follow the included manufacturer's instructions for setup.

Download the mobile app, pair with your device (bluetooth), and select your program. That's it!

NeoRhythm for Portable PEMF Therapy

The NeoRhythm PEMF devices produce highly targeted magnetic fields which are ideal for providing relief to spots of pain, or improving relaxation or sleep. 

With the free app, you can easily control pre-programmed routines according to your goals. Experience the power of PEMF at home with NeoRhythm!

Use Cases & Possible Routines

Please note: This section will have a general assumption that you are somewhat aware of the benefits listed above.

Sleep (Night Routine)

This device are great for a bedtime routine. They can help you relax, fall asleep more quickly, or improve your sleep quality if used overnight.

Meditation / Relaxation (Anytime)

The power of PEMF Therapy is brainwave entrainment. This means that the device is able to mimic a natural electromagnetic field frequency of the brain's, and through the brains adaptive response it will match that frequency.

This allows you to calm a busy mind, moving from Beta waves (after work for example) to Alpha waves.

Pain & Inflammation (As Needed)*

Injuries happen or old aches start acting up. For these cases, beginning regular PEMF Therapy sessions until resolved can accelerate the healing process.

*It is important to remember that this will only help with mild pain and really will not be effective on its own. You must pair with proper rest and relaxation, icing or other forms of treatment. It will also work gradually and be most effective when used over multiple days or longer. Please see our Wellness Device Disclosure for more information.

Bone Injuries (Daily During the Recovery Process)*

PEMF Therapy can be a powerful wellness tool to accelerate the bone healing process. Using after an injury, PEMF can work to reduce the recovery and downtime.

*THIS IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR A DOCTOR VISIT OR THE HOSPITAL. It is important to remember that this will only help with the recovery process for minor injuries and really will not be effective on its own. You must pair with proper rest and relaxation, icing or other forms of treatment. It will also work gradually and be most effective when used over weeks or longer. Please see our Wellness Device Disclosure for more information.

How to Determine Treatment Time?

There really is no set amount of treatment time for this technology. You can use as little as a few minutes or for the entire night to help you sleep better.

The app has preset programs to choose from which have built in timers. You can also set your own custom programs up if you want.

How to Pick the Right Frequency?

NeoRhythm devices make it easy with many different preset programs to choose from. Pain, relaxation, meditation, sleep, focus.

If you want to experiment with your results, you can also set up custom programs.

Setting Custom Programs

If you want to set up custom programs, we recommend looking at the preset programs to see Field Strength and Frequency values. You can adjust slightly up or down from these.

You could also experiment with Frequencies that have been shown effective in scientific research. Click below to learn more.

Is it Safe?

PEMF Therapy, or Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, gently uses small levels of EMF and extremely low frequencies, researched and tested for their healing properties. The energy levels are very similar to those naturally produced by your brain.

No adverse effects have been reported.

Backed by Science.

Curious about PEMF Therapy? We've written a blog series going through over 50 research articles. See what the research says.