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Muscle Soreness, Performance & Recovery

Reduce Muscle Soreness Post-Workout

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is experienced commonly following a workout and grows in severity with the intensity of the exercise. It can be extremely painful, and is due to muscle damage, requiring recovery time.

How can Red Light Therapy help?

  • Reduce & prevent inflammation following exercise
  • Reduce pro-inflammatory cytokine levels

  • Increase anti-inflammatory cytokine levels

  • Reduce & prevent delayed onset muscle soreness

  • Reduce creatine kinase & lactic acid levels, both a sign of muscle damage
  • Improve blood flow

Improve Muscle & Athletic Performance

Your body has a limit to how much it can do at any given time, and can only increase from there at a given pace. What if there was a way to change these limits?

How can Red Light Therapy help?

  • Anti-inflammatory properties & muscle damage reduction will help accelerate recovery & growth

  • Increase time to muscle fatigue, allowing for greater performance output

  • Could increase the rate of muscle gain

  • Researchers have questioned its fairness in professional athletic events

Skin Health, Aging & Acne

Increased Collagen | Reduced Aging & Wrinkles

Collagen plays a critical role in skin health and appearance. It has been shown that collagen synthesis is significantly reduced in aged skin vs. younger skin.

How can Red Light Therapy help?

  • Increase collagen synthesis
  • Rejuvenate the skin

  • Significantly reduce wrinkle appearance
  • Reduce skin surface roughness

  • Improve skin complexity

Improved Acne

Acne is extremely common and is known to significantly impact the quality of life for those suffering from the condition.

How can Red Light Therapy help?

  • Inflammatory & non-inflammatory acne
  • Sebaceous gland regulation (produces skin oil)

  • Influences skin keratin behavior (key factor in acne)
  • Reduces inflammation

Improved Sleep

Improved Sleep

Sleep is a critical aspect of our health, and issues here can affect everything from our mood, energy levels, appetite, weight gain/loss, focus, productivity, anxiety and more.

How can Red Light Therapy help?

  • Increase melatonin levels
  • Rebalance the circadian rhythm

  • Improve overall sleep quality

Endorphins, Energy, Mood

Endorphins Released

Beta endorphins are the body's natural pain killers, similar to morphine, and are released during both pain and pleasure. They can make you feel great, especially during pleasurable activities such as eating, sex, and exercise.

How can Red Light Therapy help?

  • Increase beta endorphin levels
  • Leave you feeling better, uplifted and ready for the day

  • Endorphins are known to improve mood, sleep and many other areas of our health

Energy Levels

When we feel depleted, finding motivation to do anything can be very difficult. Creativity, productivity, joy, relationships, all can be impacted. When we have high energy, we are ready to take on the world.

How can Red Light Therapy help?

  • Increase your cellular energy stores, ATP
  • The release of endorphins and improved sleep will help further uplift you and increase your energy
  • The powerful red light is gently warm on your skin and will leave you feeling similar to being in the summer sun

Pain & Inflammation

Pain Reduction

Millions of people experience challenges with pain. Everything from chronic pain to muscle soreness after working out, or acute pain from injuries. When we experience pain, seeking relief can be at the top of our minds.

How can Red Light Therapy help?

  • Beta endorphin release helps to prevent pain signals
  • Reduced inflammation can also help to reduce pain

  • Research has shown Red Light to be effective against many types of pain, both chronic and acute

Only suitable for temporary, mild pain relief. Not recommended for pain or conditions requiring regular medication. See our Wellness Device Disclosure for more information.


Inflammation can be a large component of pain and other conditions, finding ways to reduce it can be extremely beneficial.

How can Red Light Therapy help?

  • Reduce overall inflammatory response
  • Reduce inflammatory cytokine levels
  • Increase anti-inflammatory cytokine levels

*Our products are tools, meant to empower you on your fitness and wellness journey. They are not designed, intended, or able to treat or cure any disease or condition. See our Wellness Device Disclosure for more information.

Red Light Therapy Devices

Experience whole body benefits in just a few minutes at home.

Whether your goals are maximizing performance or taking care of your general health and wellness, Red Light is a powerful tool.

Product Details

Red Light Therapy Mask

(Targeted, Topical, Skin Care)

Red Light Therapy Mask

This red light mask is a skincare device that provides a bath of LED light to your facial skin. 

Reduce inflammation, increase collagen production, and improve blood circulation - leaving your skin glowing, softer, and more rejuvenated.

HG Pro 300

(Targeted, or Semi-Systemic with Longer Treatments)

Nightstand & Desk Red Light Therapy

Perfect for a desk, table, dresser, or nightstand - this is a primarily targeted red light therapy device. However, you could achieve semi-systemic benefits with proper treatment guidelines. 

A great starting point for anyone looking to receive the full range of benefits from a red light device.

HG Pro 750

(Semi-Systemic, Half Body Treatments)

The Time Saver

The HG Pro 750 builds on the 300, providing the same benefits to a larger portion of your body during the same treatment window. 

You deserve the best and the Pro 750 delivers – fast and efficient red light therapy.

HG Pro 1500

(Systemic, Full Body Treatments)

Performance Upgrade

The Pro 1500 is the first full body red light therapy device in the HG Pro series, and pairs perfectly with a stand for optimal use. 

It is ideal for those looking for faster results and full systemic benefits from their red light therapy sessions at home.

HG Pro 4500

(Systemic, Full Body Treatments)

Top of the Line - Pro 4500

This powerful red light therapy device is perfect for both commercial and home use, offering the most advanced and efficient treatments available. 

With its wide coverage area, it can quickly and effectively treat an entire side of your body in just one session. So, if you're looking to take your red light treatments to the highest level, this device is a great option.

How & When to Use / FAQ

What is Red Light Therapy?

Red Light therapy increases your cellular energy.

Research is fairly extensive on the mechanism of action (fancy science term for how something affects the body) for Red Light therapy.

The cells in the body are able to absorb the energy from particles of light (photons) and convert this to cellular energy. 

This begins a cascade of signals which lead to the release of hormones and increased activity, and the effects last far beyond the immediate treatment window.

How Do The Products Work?
Plug it in & Go (Home Use Device)

These Red Light Therapy devices are ready to go out of the box. You simply need to plug it into a standard 120V outlet and turn it on.

They come with a manufacturer's user manual as well for additional information.

Affordable. Effective. Hooga Red Light.

Research shows that LED light therapy is highly dependent on wavelength for effects on the human body.

The Hooga Red Light devices deliver two different wavelengths, 660 and 850 nanometers, with 50% of the LED array dedicated to each.

LED light therapy at these wavelengths is incredibly bioactive, being most absorbed by various cells of the skin.

Use Cases & Possible Routines

Please note: This section will have a general assumption that you are somewhat aware of the benefits listed above.

Energy & Sleep (Morning Routine)

These devices are a great way to start your day and can be incorporated into your morning routine. The bright light, the warmth, the endorphins, will all work together to get your day started in a powerful way. 

It will help regulate melatonin levels and circadian rhythm, improving your sleep over time if done regularly. This can be extremely beneficial during the winter months in colder climates or cloudy days when the sun is not as present.

This can also help in general body maintenance, as you will be getting all of the other benefits of Red Light such as reduced pain and inflammation.

Energy & Muscle Performance (Pre-Workout)

Instead of using in the morning, you can use your device before working out to receive the same energy boost. This will also work to prevent inflammation, muscle damage, and prepare your muscles with increased blood flow.

There are not a lot of studies that show the benefits of using Red Light before versus after working out. However, there are studies that look at each, and both are effective. 

Red Light is effective at reducing creatine kinase and lactic acid levels, markers of muscle damage. It is also highly effective at reducing inflammation which can act to further improve recovery.

This therapy has also shown to be effective at increasing the rate of muscle mass gain when compared to traditional weight training alone.

Pain & Inflammation (As Needed)*

Injuries happen or old aches start acting up. For these cases, beginning regular Red Light sessions until resolved can accelerate the healing process.

*It is important to remember that this will only help with mild pain and really will not be effective on its own. You must pair with proper rest and relaxation, icing or other forms of treatment. It will also work gradually and be most effective when used over multiple days or longer. Please see our Wellness Device Disclosure for more information.

Skin Care / Acne (Morning or Night Routine)

Red Light is highly effective in the arena of skincare. Use the face mask or the Pro 300 as part of your night or morning routine.

How to Determine Treatment Time?

How Long Do I Use Red Light For? Does it matter?

It is critical to get your timing right receive the full benefits from the technology. Let's make it easy.

It's as simple as knowing your desired dosage, energy output of your device, then measuring your distance from the device. 

Ideal Light Dosage

10 Joules to 50 Joules per body area per Treatment is ideal.

Around 75 to 100+ Joules per body area will actually inhibit the benefits as your cells become saturated.

Energy x Treatment Time = Dosage

All Red Light devices have an energy output. This is commonly measured in mW/cm^2. 

Dosage is measured in Joules, which is mW/cm^2 over a given amount of Treatment Time (seconds).


The HG Pro 300 provides 109mW/cm^2 of energy @ 6 inches. Place your body 6 inches from the device.

Desired dosage is 45 Joules (near the recommended maximum dosage of 50 Joules).

45 Joules x 1000 = 45,000 milliJoules

45,000mJ ÷ 109mW/cm^2 = ~413 seconds, or 6 minutes and 53 seconds

Will the Light Damage My Eyes?

The Red Light itself is not harmful to the eyes. However, these devices are extremely energetic and bright. It is recommended to use the eye protection provided at all times during use, and required if the light is directly facing your eyes or you are looking directly at it. All of this is with the exception of the Red Light Face Mask, which is significantly lower in energy output and designed for topical treatments only.

Is it Safe for Children or Pregnancy?

The research is not clear on the effects on children or pregnant women, extensive testing has not been done. We would strongly advise you against use with young children, and to consult with your doctor if pregnant or nursing.

Backed by Science.

Curious about Red Light Therapy? We've written a blog series going through over 95 research articles. See what the research says.