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What's Included?

  • What happens at various points in your run.
  • The 3 stages of Recovery.
  • The benefits of aerobic vs anaerobic training.
  • Why recovery is so important.
  • Running fitness metric such as VO2 Max, Lactate Threshold and more...

You'll start to gain a full picture of what is going on inside your body throughout your entire run. 

All the things you do to train, pace, and sustain energy will begin to make sense and you can make new informed decisions as new situations arise.

Who are we?

Who are we?

Technology allows humans to transcend their natural abilities.

High Tech Healing helps you raise your runs to new heights with the help of the latest wellness technology.

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With biofeedback smartwatches, you can have a personal training assistant on your wrist at all times. You can actively accelerate recovery with Vibration wraps and improve performance with Red Light.

The new way to run is here. You've got the latest running shoes. Gels are now common. What else is possible?

Exclusive Guides, included with every product.

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The Running Science eBook gives you an inside look at how your body works, giving you information you need to better understand your training, performance and recovery.

When someone suggests a training plan, or a gel, or emphasizes the need for recovery, you'll now be able to know why it makes sense. Or why it doesn't.

This is the foundational knowledge about your running that you can take with you forever.

You'll be equipped to take your runs into your own hands.