Foot and ankle pain relief, or reduce muscle soreness before or after working out.

Looking for foot pain relief after working all day?

Hoping to increase circulation and flexibility before working out?

Want a quick solution for how to treat plantar fasciitis?

The foot & ankle wrap offers instant targeted relief by disrupting the pain signals before they reach your brain and replacing them with a gentle massage.

Ideal Use For
  • Recovery and pain relief for feet and ankle
  • Increase flexibility, blood flow, and reduce muscle soreness - pre and post workout
  • Muscle Pain Relief
Key Features
  • Max support and simple fit
  • Fits foot and ankle
  • Safe, non-invasive vibration therapy
  • Adjustable vibration
  • Fast and easy recharging
  • 45 - 60min of relief
  • User manual
  • Charging cord + adapter
  • Vibrating hub
  • Foot/ankle therapy wrap

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Arrives in 5-8 days

60-day returns. 100% refund + $20.

How & When to Use / FAQ

What is Local Vibration Therapy?

Low Frequency, Localized Vibration

Localized Vibration Therapy describes the use of small, usually handheld or wearable vibrating devices for the purposes of stimulating muscles or blocking the signals of pain. 

This is entirely different than Whole Body Vibration Therapy, where a user stands on a vibrating plate for treatment.

How Does it Work?

Gate Control Theory for Pain Blocking

Vibration Therapy's ability to reduce pain is attributed to Gate Control Theory. Essentially, while painful and non-painful (vibration) stimuli are simultaneously applied, only the non-painful vibration is received by the brain.

The "gate" closes for the pain signal in the spinal cord. The vibration is received by larger touch receptors known as A-β nerve fibers, which the brain favors over the smaller and slower pain nerves.

Vibration stimulates sensory receptors.

Vibration Therapy primarily stimulates two types of sensory receptors in the body; A-β nerve fibers and muscle spindles.

A-β nerve fibers are the body's touch receptors, and stimulation of these is considered "pleasant", eliciting hormonal and other body reactions.

Muscle spindles are proprioceptors, or nerves that detect movement, specifically in the muscles. Once the muscle spindles are activated, alpha-motoneurons which control movement are also activated, leading to automatic contractions. This is what researchers believe leads to improved muscular performance.

Intellinetix Wearable Series - What is it?

Wearable Vibration with Intellinetix

Intellinetix is a brand of unique wearable vibration therapy devices designed to be as mobile as you are. With a wide range of benefits, they offer a new tool for your fitness life.

With applications for the shoulders, ankles, calves, thighs, hands, head, back and even a universal wrap, there is no part of your body that won't benefit from this technology.

How Do I Use the Products?
Charge & Go

These Vibration Therapy devices are ready to go out of the box. You simply need to charge the device before use.

They come with a manufacturer's user manual as well for additional information.

Simple and effective local vibration.

The Intellinetix wearable vibration series offers fast charging and simple use. Turn on your device to the desired setting. Low, high, or alternating.

Use it for up to around 45 minutes and recharge in just a few minutes.

Use Cases & Possible Routines

Please note: This section will have a general assumption that you are somewhat aware of the benefits listed above.

Exercise (Pre, Mid & Post Workout)

Use before, during or after your workouts. Ideally you want to use evenly across muscle groups. Recommended use is 5 minutes or more per area.

Pre-exercise can help get your muscles warmed up, and help to prevent muscle soreness, inflammation, and muscle damage. Mid-workout can increase reps and muscle strength, as well as reduce downtime between sets. Post workout will help to continue to prevent and reduce inflammation and muscle soreness.

Consider having two wraps, one for each side of a muscle group. You can also switch to the other side in the middle of a set, then move your wraps to the next muscle group before beginning.

Relaxation, Stress Relief (Anytime)

Use as needed and experience instant relaxation from the soothing vibrations.

Pain & Inflammation (As Needed)*

Vibration Therapy offers fast, temporary relief for many types of mild pain.

*It is important to remember that this will only help with mild pain and really will not be effective on its own. You must pair with proper rest and relaxation, icing or other forms of treatment. It will also work gradually and be most effective when used over multiple days or longer. Please see our Wellness Device Disclosure for more information.

Sinus Headaches (When Sick)

Vibration Therapy offers incredible relief for headaches caused by sinus congestion and pressure. You will be glad if you have one of these around when that happens, allowing you some temporary relief, especially to help with sleep.

How to Determine Treatment Time?

Unlike some of our technologies, dosing is more flexible. You just want to make sure you give yourself long enough to get the results.

For Pain Relief*

Research on Vibration Therapy has shown that between 25 to 45 minutes produces the best pain relief results.

*These devices are designed for temporary pain relief for mild pain. It really will only work during and shortly after use.  You must pair with proper rest and relaxation, icing or other forms of treatment. Please see our Wellness Device Disclosure for more information.

For Muscle Performance

Research has shown results with between 5 and 15 minutes of use. We recommend using on the target muscle group just prior to beginning reps. You can use for several minutes with the same muscle group until complete, and switch sides midway for symmetrical treatment.

Is it Safe for Children or Pregnancy?

The research is not clear on the effects on children or pregnant women, extensive testing has not been done. We would strongly advise you against use with young children, and to consult with your doctor if pregnant or nursing.